What my clients have to say

"There aren't enough stars, or words to depict how highly I recommend Nicole. She has helped me transform my life as a professional, a mother, and a friend to myself and others. Nicole helps walk me through making decisions with my mind and my body. She is helping me connect to my emotions and express what I need to those around me. In my conversations with Nicole, I feel heard and seen, but always with the push, I need to get moving in the right direction. Our time together is always spent wisely and whether I'm crying or laughing during my appointment, I always walk away feeling light and more purpose-driven. Under her care, I have learned to be kind to myself; to make myself a priority. I utilize her deep knowledge of child therapy and parenting and have no doubt she'd be a great asset for those looking for children or family services. If you are looking for a compassionate, intelligent, motivating voice in your life, I urge you, as I have other friends and acquaintances, to reach out to Nicole."

"Nicole is amazing. She has helped walk my son through a lot of struggles, both at school and at home. She has helped him navigate the swirling waters of grief when his father died. Her ability empathize to create a strong rapport with him, to get him talking about what he needs and why he's struggling, is the foundation of a great therapist. And not only has my son learned a lot about how to turn his struggles into victories, but Nicole has equipped me with tools to help my son and become a better parent. Therapy has been hard work, but it has most definitely been worth it. My relationship with my son is awesome, and he's flourishing at school, too."

"Nicole is amazing! My son adores her and looks forward to coming to see her every session. He has grown so much since seeing her and is able to vocalize his feelings so much better. He loves that he gets to play and share his thoughts and feelings in a way that is fun for him."

"Nicole is amazing! Our grandchild looks forward to the appointments he has with her and she is so good about respecting him, his feelings, his worries and oves to share in his accomplishments. Definitely recommend Inner Peace Therapy!"